What is Providers on Demand? 

We are a group of dentists, veterinarians, physicians, homeopathic doctors, psychologists, and healthcare providers who are interconnected to serve our patients in a way that is more convenient for them and more profitable for the provider. This group provides a network to help providers succeed in an ever-growing digital market space that patients are seeking.

See why healthcare providers use Providers On Demand as their telemedicine provider and online partner for the future.

How does Providers On Demand help you grow?


Improve patient satisfaction.

In an increasing digital age, patients are looking for immediate access to their providers.  They want quick, convenient care and they are willing to pay for that convenience.  Welcome Providers on Demand to your practice to meet you patient's needs and drive revenue into your practice though our telehealth platform and online marketing tools. 

Telemedicine done right.

Fast, Convenient, Complete

Providers on Demand’s exciting telehealth platform gives your patients the direct access to you and your staff that patients are looking for everyday. Convenience that is unmatched. Patients are no longer looking to schedule appointment days or even weeks out, leave work, and sit in a waiting room. They are looking for immediate access to their provider to get the answers and treatment they need instantly. Providers on Demand telehealth platform and app allows access to your virtual schedule and waiting room. Patients can take pictures, videos, or just wait and do a live video chat. As a provider, you can diagnose and e-prescribe directly through our electronic health record.

Trends in Telemedicine.

Make more patients happy.

  • By 2017, 71% of physicians have adopted telemedicine solutions

                     Outpatient Telemedicine Study

  • 50 million Americans would switch providers to one that offers telehealth.

                   Consumer Telehealth Index Survey

  • 60% of millennials support telehealth to replace in office visits, with 83 million millennials in the work force they are the largest subset working.

                    Salesforce - The State of the Connected Patient 2015 

  • Research has shown that 89% of patients felt a video conference call with their provider was the same or better than an in person visit.

                    Patient Perspectives of Telemedicine Quality

Providers on Demand membership works for you

Digital marketing to jump start your digital footprint and bring in new patients in ways you never thought possible.

Our marketing firm can redesign your website, help focus social media campaigns, and drive a fast growing

demographic of patients to your door and new telehealth platform.

Grow your system, profitably,

while helping more patients.

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